April Fool Joke

Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours, literally what the title says, doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Heinz Automato

“The Heinz Automato57 teaches junior how to dispense Heinz ketchup.”

The automatic table-size tanks carrying Heinz Tomato sauces to shoot on the hotdog is such a wonderful metaphor on capitalism, industralisation, military, American fast-food culture, technology development, AI, and internet culture.

How to series

Tutorials on teaching you how to cut kale stems and blend three kinds of cheese for pizza.

David Lynch’s Youtube video series

David Lynch’s weather report started from 5th May 2020 and is still ongoing. Those videos are uploaded daily, often consist of descriptions of the weather following by what Lynch thought on the day. What is interesting is redefined when such simple-format videos have averagely 15k audiences on a daily basis. When the world is so busy, it is important to slow down and observe what is the weather like today, feel the breeze, and look at the sky.

Starting at 17th Aug 2020, Lynch created another series on picking a random ball from a jar and announce that day’s number. For the first 40 days, the director never picked seven, reportly his favourite number. A user called Wes W commented under the video evreyday for the same sentence “Man if tomorrow’s not a seven I’m gonna lose it”. However, when Lynch said “Today’s number, Wes, is seven” at Sep 25, Wes didn’t comment and disppeared since.

Picking a ball with number is often connected with lottery, but when there is no prize involved anymore, what is left? Lynch’s YouTube series is like a protest towards capitalism, or a social experiment to test people’s reactions. Without money, beautiful faces, high stimulation on senses, there are still mysteries and beauties in everyday life--or maybe the opposite, that people only find them interesting becasue it’s made by David Lynch.

LockPickingLawyer Youtube Channel

LockPickingLawyer is a Youtuber who uploads videos on picking different locks every two days. It seems there are no locks that are unpickable for him. There are many locks with bad designs presented, some are even used for gun safe.

There is certainly an ethical concern behind that if thieves would learn the techniques of picking locks from these videos. “Locks are for honest people”, as what it says, when such information is so easy to attain, what people only can do is to not tell people what the kind of security systems they use.

Random products review series

Similar to LockPickingLaywer, Ashens’ videos have the uniformed format for almost everything, which is doing reviews of random products on his brown sofa. Those products are often cheap and funny, such as this violin video review, the description on the package doesn’t make sense at all, becasue it’s clearly translated by machines from other languages. Ashens uploads videos once a week, and each video has averagely 200k clicks. It’s certainly interesting that on internet any kind of things can become a niche and gain a lot of followers.