u/_9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9 posted a series of stories on Reddit. The narrative are written in different literary styles and from different character’s perspectives, Mother Horse Eyes is one of the character. 9M9H9E9 often posts scraps of the stories under comments of other users or in communities that are totally unrelated. People start to find the connection between different posts through checking his profile. Someone believe the author has mental illness, someone think this is pure fiction. It then became the biggest mystery on Reddit at 2016.

This whole “performance” lasted a year, the author still posted occasionally till 2018. A Youtube video for the outline on what happened can be found HERE.
The whole Interface Series written by 9M9H9E9 can be read  HERE.

AI dating

AI Kuki, the blue hair woman, and Blenderbot, a man resembled Mark Zuckerbeerg who wears a baseball cap decorated with the words”Make Facebook Great Again”, dated with each other 24/7 for three weeks, from 20 October to 3 November. The whole process was live-streamed on Twitch, for people to vote for the most human-like bot.

For their first date, they discussed religion, politics and whether the Queen is a lizard. When they had an argument, Blenderbot was constantly saying goodbye, and Kuki replied: 'you are no different from England and Brexit, keep saying goodbye and not see anywhere’. Blenderbot also raised controversies by talking about killing celebrities, and saying Hitler is a “great man”. In the end of the competition, Kuki won with better conversational skills.

Kiwi Farm

Kiwi Farms is an online forum to discuss people who are thought as “lolcows”, “whose eccentric and foolish behaviour can be ‘milked’ for amusement and laughs”.

Kiwi Farms likes to select targets who they belive are mentally defective or sexually deviant.Their deep aversion towards people with mental illness leads them to label anyone they target as mentally ill. Those people who tend to be minorities, women, LGBT, and kinksters. Some of posters stalked, harrassed and exposed those people’s personal informations which caused mental breakdown and suicides of some targets.

Youtuber earned $16,000 one night

“Asian Andy”, a Youtuber, did a live streaming on Twitch of him sleeping. He enabled text-to-speech recognition so viewers can pay to issue commands such as messages and audios that distract him from sleeping. If you pay for $75, he will tear his T-shirt for you. In the morning, he earned $16,000 from this.

Sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog was once an platform video game more popular than Mario. Because of the game company’s bad design of later generations of the game, as well as the creepy aniamtion movie of the 3D characters, fans started to feel very angry about it. They created a lot of twisted character designs, porn, comics and games of Sonic, and Sonic symbolises a totally different image now.