Library of Non-Art is a library that collects all the non-art art I found on the internet. It includes memes, operating systems, websites, videos, AI, or even news about dogs. It’s an archive of internet culture, also an enquiry on what art could be.

The non-art art happening on internet are often ignored by the serious academic world. Video games, mass culture, fan cration, amateur art, internet, art in non-western countries, should all be included within the scope of creation. Nothing has a definite definition, everything is in flux. But we often forget it and don’t even realise some other possibilities exist. This library brings these possibilities to the public and challenge their usual perception on how things should be.
This library also includes a series of discussions I held about art school, educational turn in curating, philosophy, the boundary between non-art and art. It exists in real-life as well, either on a tablet, or a monitor, and can be brought everywhere as a mobile temple for future human to meditate and research.

Library of Non-Art is created at 2020 by Qianlin Wang. If you have any
questions, please contact qianlinwangace@gmail.com.